The Modern Trader: A Report on 9.6 Million Online Traders

Brokernotes has just published a report analysing around 9.6 million online traders worldwide. Here’s what they’ve found..

Over 9.6 million people now trade online, with a third of them living in Asia.

Since 2013, Brokernotes have collected data on over half a million traders to produce one of the most comprehensive reports on the attributes of the modern trader. You can access the entire report for free here.

Highlights from the report:

  • Over 50% of online traders earn less than £35k per year
  • Almost 50% of online traders drive a basic car or have no car at all
  • The majority of online traders are young adults, and their numbers are increasing
  • 3 out of 4 cryptocurrency traders are aged 18-34
  • Over 95% of traders live outside of a financial centre like New York, London, or Hong Kong. In the UK, 60% of traders live and work outside of London
  • The UK has almost twice as many traders as any other European country
  • 1 in 10 online traders are female and their numbers are on the rise
  • 42% of women traders classed themselves as experienced traders
  • 81% of traders choose a Windows PC over a Mac

Women in Forex

Our report found that women are more likely to choose forex trading over any other trading style, and are more likely than men to choose a brokerage that offers modern trading styles, such as social trading and spread betting.

The report also shows the breakdown of male to female visitors for a number of popular brokerages based on web analytics data for 1,000+ broker-related pages on BrokerNotes. The chart below, taken from the report, shows how UFX and eToro have the highest percentage of women considering their service out of all of the brokerages featured on our website.

Women traders choose eToro and UFX

Visualising the 9.6 Million Traders

To summarise the data in the report, we produced the following infographic to visualise the 9.6 million online traders as 100 people. Some of the

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