Trump drains the dollar


Today, feeds of all news agencies are filled with news from the Middle East. Analysts are discussing Trump’s tweets and the mutual threats of Iran and the United States. I won’t write about it today as I’ve already wrote about it on Friday in the article “The world on the verge of war”…

Everything went exactly according to this scenario. After the mutual threats of the two nuclear powers, oil and gold updated the tops of the year, and the SNP500 index fell into the abyss:






I highly doubt that Trump is smart enough to strike 52 targets in Iran. If he does, the chances of his future presidency will fly to zero. In addition, the Democrats are in full swing in flying wheel of complaints about his disagreement with the Congress regarding the attack on Soleimani.

Thus, under these conditions, I recommend working in the correction of gold and oil to ease the tensions.

Have a successful trading and don’t forget to control the risks!

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Source:: Trump drains the dollar

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