How Your Unexpressed Energy Is Causing You To Self-Sabotage Your Trading Results And How You Can Fix It

As traders, we have to enter a session feeling calm, centred and focused. Understanding your own inner state of being and your energy is critical if you want to maximise your chances of success. It’s all about setting yourself up for success so you enter the session in your optimal state.

You have many forms of energy within you that needs to be freely expressed out – physical energy, mental energy, creative energy, emotional energy and so on. If you enter a trading session feeling pent up in any of these areas, it’s very easy to unconsciously let that energy out in the session, in your decisions, taking the energy out on the market and thus creating a situation where you self-sabotage and produce poor results.

You need to look at your life and consider whether you are in balance energetically, and in what ways (rituals) you allow yourself to express your energy. For example, do you have a fitness routine that ensures you get to utilize and channel all that physical energy? Do you have ways to communicate your emotions or do you bottle them up? Do you have pastimes and hobbies that allow you to be creative?

The more neutral and calm you can be in trading, the greater your chances of success. Trading in the moment is not about creativity. Trading is not about being emotional. Trading is not about letting out your energy. It is about sitting back, getting in sync with the market behavior and making very focused decisions. You don’t want any pent up energy getting in the way of making that possible.

In this video Bernadette Logue, transformation coach and author, explains that you have various types of special energy that need to be expressed out in positive, healthy ways. Do you self sabotage? While watching this video reflect on how unexpressed energies affecting your trading results and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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