Is Your ICO Content Marketing Ready?

An Initial Coin Offering or ICO is an unregulated process of fundraising, which involves the sale of cryptocurrency tokens to investors, in exchange for monetary investments.

What we saw in 2017 was only the beginnings of a trend that is expected to gain much more momentum in 2018 and beyond. The growth of the decentralised marketplace and a rise in new start-ups who favour this kind of fundraising activity is the reason for this trend. So, if you want to launch a digital currency that will provide a solution to an unmet need in the market, check whether your content marketing strategy includes these basic pointers.

ICO Whitepaper

The first step is to create an ICO Whitepaper that will define your business and offer insights into your product and the underlying technology. It should be able to convince potential investors that the product will add value to the market in some way. Ideally it should include:

  • Project Information
  • The technology and its blueprint
  • Team members and their details
  • List of current investors
  • Timeline of token sale
  • Token allocation and division
  • Funds needed and the future plan for those funds
  • Roadmap for development

Website Design

Create an attractive and easy-to-navigate website with necessary information, such as:

  • The Team
  • Video Explainers
  • Overall Concept
  • Distribution
  • FAQs
  • Contact Information
  • Press releases and articles published
  • Whitepaper
  • Blog articles

Create a page especially for the ICO crowdsale. Don’t forget to provide links to LinkedIn accounts of the founders and team members.

Video Explainers

It is preferable to have the founders featuring in the videos. They should be compelling and have visual aids. There have been ICOs that have thrived on their videos alone. Creativity and an engaging script is the key here.

Social Media

Create pages for the ICO on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Let the team members speak about the pre-sale or token launch on their own profiles and pages on social media. Telegram is currently a huge platform used by companies to inform people about token sales. Remember to add the videos on these pages too.

Niche Publications

Start reaching out to sites like CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, BitcoinMagazine and Hackernoon. Provide information about the ICO on these platforms. It is also crucial to get involved in conversations on forums such as Reddit, Steemit, BitcoinTalk, and Telegram. Remember, the members of these communities take note of those who have been involved in previous discussions and consider their viewpoints valuable. So, make sure the team members are actively involved on these platforms.

Role of PR

Most companies think that reaching out to the general audience matters the most. What they miss out on is the fact that large investors and venture capitalists follow information on important mainstream publications like Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. These publications can help shape the minds of the common audience too. It doesn’t matter how big your project is, if an industry giant finds potential future value in your project, you could land a huge source of funding.

Remember, the key to success for any ICO is to be able to create a buzz about the token sale. This is why a multi-channel approach to reaching out to potential investors is best.

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