5 Best Forums for Crypto Traders

The world of trading cryptocurrencies changes constantly. The crypto market is so volatile that traders can lose money in the blink of an eye. Trading in digital currency requires solid research and 100% focus. It’s also useful to understand the ins and outs of the way in which different coins work and for that, communicating with fellow traders and experts can be a good place to start. And communication is something that the digital world offers aplenty!

One good way to communicate, network and learn is through online forums. These forums can offer valuable insights into the crypto market for experts and novices alike. Here are the top 5 forums that crypto traders should check out.

1.     Bitcointalk.org

Considered one of the most popular internet forums on cryptocurrency, Bitcointalk is available in several languages. The site publishes content exclusively related to Bitcoin, but users talk about other digital currencies as well. There are over 2,925k posts on more than 950k topics on trading, mining and technical aspects of cryptocurrencies. There are currently 1,763k members on board and the database is continuously expanding.

2.     Altcoincommunity.net

There are forums and sub-forums on every cryptocurrency topic under the sun. With a member base of 805, Altcoincommunity has over 1,300 threads and more than 5.2k posts by crypto enthusiasts. There is also a separate category for forums in Russian. A coin ticker continuously updates users about the live prices of the major fiat currencies.

3.     Cryptocurrencytalk.com

This forum, formed in 2013, is a source for “everything crypto,” the site claims. There are currently over 70k members. Forums and sub-forums contain threads on 83k topics and over 395k posts. People discuss everything about digital currencies, right from mining to various ICO offerings. There is also plenty of advice from trusted members of its community in over 79k good quality videos on the platform. There are informative articles written by crypto experts and enthusiasts from around the world, which are very useful for someone who is just starting out on this slippery path.

4.     Thecryptocurrencyforums.com

The site has 71 threads with 139 posts about important issues related to cryptocurrency. It currently has 137 members. One can see the current market prices of all the major cryptocurrencies here. There is also an option for membership in the premium crypto investment community for $19 per year. This gives you access to useful money-saving and investment tips.

5.     Mastersofcrypto.com

With more than 681 discussion threads and 3.6k messages, this site claims to be the only forum that pays its users to post material on it. There are currently 1.4k members on board. People can also advertise or promote their ICOs on this site, which gives users important information about upcoming launches.

As cryptocurrencies continue to gain momentum, the regulatory environment of different countries will impact their price and performance. Investors and traders should keep an eye on the changes in regulations on a regular basis. Security will also be a priority in 2018, since 2017 was a year of numerous costly hacks.

Traders and crypto enthusiasts now realise that despite digital currency’s general reputation of a secure blockchain environment, not all systems are created equal. Forums can provide valuable information, insights and regular updates on this exciting and sometimes bewildering world.

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